The audio electronics industry does not offer many accessories with variation in style or color that serve as both carrying cases and pieces to be added to one’s wardrobe.


Audio Prime is an electronic accessory company based in New York City that produces unique, stylish accessories for those that embrace street fashion and the hypebeast style. These designs are made to compliment your style as a piece of your wardrobe rather than just another piece of technology you keep in your backpack.

The primary goal of the design of this package is to provide a piece that can function as a suplementary piece to an outfit while also remaining true to its function as a carrying case for Audio Prime headphones. The final design was created with minimizing the material used and making said package reusable, so consumers would have the ability to use all parts of their purchase for long periods of time. The piece that holds the headphones inside the carrying case is modeled after ID card reels. Keeping the product compact and portable, while still being fashionable was something we had not found in the market, and we wanted to bring it to the table.
The website allows consumers to customize their products with colors that fit their style best. The ability to customize packaging is incredibly important to Audio Prime’s goal to create products that are made to compliment your style as a piece of your wardrobe.

Audio Prime is young and forward thinking, aiming to reach an audience that follows trends of contemporary street style, and believes that technology should follow the flow of fashion as well and technological advancement. Being in tune with fashion and electronic advancements also calls for an air of sophistication and intelligence that other brands in the market do not obtain or deem necessary.
The most difficult part of this process was discovering the best way to wind up the earbuds after use and whether or not they would be permanently attached or not, and after many iterations, the best way was determined to be a rotating handle in the middle of the cylindrical case.