Between June 2019 and May 2020, I worked for the Texas State Univeristy Campus Recreation department. For a majority of the time I was a part of the student marketing team, we did not have a designated Marking Coordinator. I was able to work with a few other student designers, social media managers and a photographer/videographer to begin creating a cohesive design system for Campus Recreation, and I began the process of bringing together the six program areas in a visual system that allowed ease of use and a clear brand that would belong to any site under the Campus Recreation umbrella.

Visit the TXST Campus Recreation web page here.

Incorporating the design motifs from the handbook was a big priority for me moving forward after completing the final draft of the Handbook. I was tasked with redesigning signage from all six program areas across Campus Recreation. Up until this point, for the most part, posters were created as completely separate projects from each other.
The audience meant for the Handbook are students and Campus Recreation patrons, so the Directors of Campus Recreation decided that we needed to create a brochure version of the Handbook specifically for faculty and staff, since there is some information specifically for faculty and staff.

We compiled a list of every sign in the Student Rec Center, at the Outdoor Center and anywhere else on the San Marcos campus, and I created a system that could be used in for all posters now and in the future. Each program area has it’s own color (Outdoor Recreation uses green, Aquatics and Safety uses blue, etc.)